100th Episode Cameo Rules

Hey Toku Faithful. Do you want to be in the 100th episode of Toku Time? You have 3 ways to
do this.



Act like you’re life energy is being drained, ham it up! Don’t worry about audio I’m probably
going to not use it anyway. Don’t make it too long. 10-15 seconds tops.


Now this is the fun one. All you have to do is aim your favorite toku gun (it HAS to be a gun, no swords/axes etc. Gunswords are fine) at the screen. Don’t say anything, no cool one-liners, just aim, wait a moment, then fire (show your recoil if you like). Again, keep it brief.


This is also the fun one but with a twist. Film you watching legal tokusatsu. DVD’s, streaming (Crunchyroll/Tubi/etc.) You have plenty of options. (MUST BE LEGAL, NO FANSUBS, NO BOOTLEGS!!)

It can be on a big TV, or a tablet or a phone, but here’s the twist. Watch it with family, loved ones, the more the merrier. I’m more likely to use clips with bigger groups as opposed to someone watching alone in their room. You don’t HAVE to show the toku if you don’t want to or cannot. Reaction shots are fine.

Now try and make these videos as clear as possible. I’m not asking for 4K UHD but let’s make it 360p or better just to make it challenging. If you’re filming on a phone/tablet watch the shaky cam, J.J!

Again, not too long.


You can e-mail me links to your videos via ezridertokutime@gmail.com.  Subject = 100th Episode Video

Disclaimer: There’s no guarantees I will use every single one sent to me I’m going to mix things up a little so don’t be a drama queen if yours doesn’t make the cut. If you choose to do all 3 cameos I can outright promise you I will not use all of them. Just a heads up.

So get your acting on.

2 thoughts on “100th Episode Cameo Rules

  1. Can we watch DVDs or use guns related to Power Rangers?

  2. Dillon Scott says:

    Well, I’m out…damn…

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