20 Random Kenji Ohba Facts

After listing some of these off at a CS Toys livestream I decided to re-list the 20 Kenji Ohba Facts here.



link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb3wB-LVCro

20. When Jason David Frank goes to bed at night, he checks his closet for Kenji Ohba. (originally by someone else, don’t remember who)

19. Kenji Ohba doesn’t have to try to befriend everyone in the world like Kamen Rider Fourze. He does that by allowing you to exist.

18. Kenya is trying to get the name of their country changed to Battle Kenya because of Kenji Ohba.

17. The title of the movie Kill Bill actually came from what happened to the guy who tried to park in Kenji Ohba’s space.

16. The Dragon mech Doru from Gavan is not a prop or CGI. That’s what Kenji Ohba actually drives to work.

15. Batman gets criminals to confess by showing them a picture of Kenji Ohba.

14. If you say “Jouchaku” in a mirror three times Kenji Ohba will appear and give you a Gavan Dynamic for wasting his time.

13. Kenji Ohba did not need any special camera tricks in Gokaiger vs. Gavan. He CAN be everywhere at once.

12. The giant cannon in Super Hero Taisen Z was actually filmed from inside Kenji Ohba’s pants.

11. Kenji Ohba’s blood can revive the dead. Too bad he never bleeds, ever.

10. Kenji Ohba is the only actor who doesn’t need to be shot with blanks during filming.

9. Kenji Ohba is currently suing the WWE and Mark Henry over the rights to the name “World’s Strongest Man”.

8. Kenji Ohba can surf a Final Wave.

7. When Kamen Rider Decade found out he was visiting Kenji Ohba World he hid under the bed til it was time to leave.

6. Kenji Ohba is his own Super Sentai team. He can fill five suits and save the universe by himself.

5. Kenji Ohba can eat a Lock Seed and spit out a Core Medal.

4. Kenji Ohba is the only man who can turn a toy mech into a real one just by touching it.

3. Kenji Ohba can punch a Rider Punch back at a Kamen Rider

2. Kenji Ohba can kick any giant monster into the sun without the need of a giant robot.

1. Space Sheriff Gavan is not a fictional show. A camera crew just followed Kenji Ohba around for 44 days.

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