Minutemen Monday: 9-11-17

Check out the newest work from the troops.

Hey Toku Faithful, in case you missed it on social media enjoy the first of many showcases of the Toku Minutemen Army. Give them a click and make them feel welcome.

From DLBot:

RWBY Shattered Mirror. RWBY/Kamen Rider Crossover Fanfic.

From Baron the Toku Legacy:
Why is Para-DX Level 99?

From Showa Shane:
The Hidden Backstory of Decade

From SilverMaxus, Guts, Flutterguy and DLBot

The Toku Roundup: Episode 5

From EsteTheGamer:

Top 5 Never Before Seen Power Rangers

From Mattwo:

Carranger Episode 27: Crossroads of a Lonely Station Review

From Exiakaiser:
The Science of Tokusatsu: Kamen Rider Cyborgs



From ZeltraxMillenium:

MMD-NC Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Creator Gamer


1 thought on “Minutemen Monday: 9-11-17

  1. Ram Roldan says:

    Nice selection. Looking forward to the next one.

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