Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 11 Recap

The gold Ranger is revealed! And, contrary to popular belief, his name is NOT John Cena….

Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

Opening Theme Song: “Hope for the World” By Ron Wasserman,
from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
Available here: http://ronwasserman.bandcamp.com/

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3 thoughts on “Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 11 Recap

  1. Tyler’s dad can’t be up on the ship as he vanished (with fury) several years before Sledge returned.

  2. Pokemon Fan 1991 says:

    Hello Reccapers

    Will in this episode of Power Dino Charge was good

    I have to wait to see what Ivan character is like before I judge him and I think he talked a little bit in the fight. And how the favis he knows how to morph!?

    I don’t like Prince Phil in this episode because what he said to Koda. That was just to rude man. If he say that again I will turn into Kamen Rider Yoshi and Rider kick him to the moon.

    I don’t like that we have to see Knight Ivan’s flashback twice in this episode. Out of that this episode was fine.

    I’ll give it a Four golden caveman knight Kodas out of 5


    If you were a charcater in a Kamen Rider series what would your role be?

    Since there a rumor going around that there going to be a insect theme Sentai team what would your thoughts about it?

    What is your favorite line from Fury so far? if not my favorite line is “I’ll show the world how furious I can be!”

    Okay bye guys, In the words of Takaharu “I’m Fireeeeeeeeeeeee upppppppppppppppp for the next episode of Dino Charge”

  3. That one guy 2 says:

    This episode was funny as faiz!

    A lot of the jokes work and the rangers not have Breviary was lol.

    Also I took the breviary drinking game every time they said brave. It was like see Kyourgers again in english.

    Ivan bring those people to fight had me down on the ground laughing my gut out. The old lady screaming and backing up killed me.

    And my favorite line is “I’ll be trap in there 800 years before you save me”

    So I’ll give this episode five Koda and Ivan eating burgers out of five


    I was thinking of zords that I could put in my fanfic and I want your opinion. A Deer, a Boar and a Butterfly. Mostly I choosen these animal on the InoShakcho myth

    If you had a Megazord what would do with it and what would you name it after?

    Okay bye. Fly on a magical tiger with wings

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