Ranger Recap: Dino Charge Episode 14 Recap

We find out if Luck is on our side tonight, as we find out Chase’s Colors. We also talk about the latest on the Power Ranger Movie, and we see who breaks the Tie in the Sentai Tournament.


Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

Opening Theme Song: “Hope for the World” By Ron Wasserman,
from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
Available here: http://ronwasserman.bandcamp.com/

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6 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino Charge Episode 14 Recap

  1. The one guy says:

    So this episode is a okay one. The two fart joke killed the episode for me! They finally use the Dino Cupid charger and it wasn’t as bad as the gas one, but it one that I rather never to be used again.

    Also where is Fury? It been 4 episode since we seen him?

    So this episode get a 4 out of 10


  2. I’ll give this episode a 4.5 out of ten

    So questions

    Did you like the Kamen Rider fourze and OOO crossover movie? One of my favorite lines is “There’s only two times a man should cry – when he loses his wallet and when he gets dumped!” that was the line that made me laugh. Also when Kamen Rider Double look at fourze when he said he catchphrase. I will never talk about Fourze ever again.and also DAVE on Kamen Rider Fourze

    I have been watching Ninngers and it get a little bit better and bad too. Also Yoshi is going to make this show awesome, he going to make the ninjas better.

    So bye guys. I’m going to DAVE TAKAHARU SO HARD THAT HE WILL NEVER BE FIRE UP EVER AGAIN. Also Kasumi is awesome and I rather have her as the leader then that baka. I’m in top gear

  3. The one guy says:

    This episode was good

    6.5 out of 10

  4. M.D. Mars says:

    Hey there recappers
    Surprisingly, I didn’t find this particular Halloween special that bad. I can say for certain that it was leagues better than most of the holiday specials from the past (I’m looking at you, “Trickster Treat”). What can I say; I’m a sucker for stories where characters have to find an imposter among them. I definitely enjoyed seeing in the characters in Charlie Brown ghost costumes, a legitimate reason for clips, and the reveal of who the imposter was (even though the reveal felt clumsy to me). All in all, as far as these specials go, I thought it was ok. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.
    1. If you could have a crossover movie made with two kamen riders (and they can be any two riders) who would you choose?
    2. Which rider (any rider) would you love to have a V-cinema made for that hasn’t had one?
    3. If Kamen Rider were to get an American adaptation, which series do you think would be the best choice to get adapted?
    It may be bit early, but I hope you guys have an excellent Halloween. Until next time, later.

  5. Donovan Graf says:

    *The Shoukan tune from Ninninger goes off in the distance and camera zooms in on me bopping along to the Gaoranger theme* Hmm, Chase mentioning a spin class and made Wrench fly off into the distance…Ah, what the hell…*clears throat* LOOKS LIKE WRENCH IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!! [ding]

    1. Donovan Graf says:

      *The Shouken tune from Ninninger goes off and camera sees that Lion Ha-oh in castle form and camera pans up to me playing Gaoranger theme and bopping along with it* Hmm, Chase spinning like something that War-Greymon would be proud of and also mentioning a spin class to Wrench and tosses him like last month’s garbage and a certain Pokemon meme comes to mind…ah, what the hell…*clears throat* LOOKS LIKE WRENCH IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN! [ding[

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