Ranger Recap: Dino Charge Episode 15 Recap

We meet our Graphite Ranger and, Royally Speaking? He’s a real man’s man!

Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

Opening Theme Song: “Hope for the World” By Ron Wasserman,
from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
Available here: http://ronwasserman.bandcamp.com/

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6 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino Charge Episode 15 Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Well, finally we get to see the graphite ranger and *sees the suit sleeves being a different color than the main suit and facepalms* Nick, *pulls out Drillsniper Custom* We need to have a few words about how to design suits based on Japanese characters in Japanese shows

  2. So a few things, Yoshi said on one of the other podcasts that Graphite’s arms aren’t blue in person its some weird glitch of the lighting and he looks better in future episodes so that wasn’t really Saban’s fault, its a post issue. Anyway onto the episode I Agree that Philip and the little sister could have been set up better in different episodes, i made a similar complaint on my Toku Saturday Stream, they brought in the crew for 20 minutes for General Yoshi’s cameo so Toei thought he was a big deal (again see the Ranger command interview) but they put it in the same episode as Jurai, and since it was a 10 second cameo or rescuing a civilian they could have easily put it in the next episode so it wasnt over shadowed by Jurai, same here. Introduce Chases sister in a earlier episode, heck make Rise of a Ranger a two parter have her arrive and Phillip finds the energem and begins trying to prove himself with some generic MOTW (heck use the plot in the next episode, not the Halloween one the one airing next week #17). Then in the next episode we have him post montage and training going to hand over the gem and rescue the girl and prove himself.
    That all said, come on Netflix pick up Power Rangers Nick doesnt know what their fucking up.
    Now onto brown rangers, Dino charge would have been so perfect for a Bronze Ranger, come on we already had Gold and Silver go for the trifecta.

    And now for something completely different https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMcOg0-sGUo

    1. Demetrius Walker says:

      Actually Netflix wouldn’t bee such a good idea to airing new shows. Not most people could subscribe to a system like Netflix. It would be rather better if Saban forms with another public television channel. Cartoon Network or the Hub can be a good idea. It could be a good opportunity to for Disney to reintroduce themselves to the franchise when they have enough space…

  3. that one guy says:

    Hello there recappers!

    NICK! Play that Kamen Rider Den-o movie episode Red Baka button. Don’t do that to Power Ranger again please

    So Power Ranger Dino Charge episode 16 we have a monster that cuts the bond of friendships. Which is intressing and I think we had a monster like that before, but I can’t remember which one. As DEATH Kyourger monster make a small cameo in the cell where the Scissor monster was. That mean we are going to have our Spinosaurs zord in Dino Suppppppppppperrrrrrrrr Charge later next year.

    There were some funny moment like Sheby not catching Tyler to play on her phone or Chase look at that girl from Let Sleep Zords lie.The part were they trick the monster by switching clothes was too funny and knowing that the monster is stupid.

    Sledge was about to thorw Wrench into the slammer until Fury told him that he found the purple Energem. I guess Fury has good timing.

    I was thinking about this when that scene happened

    “Good new Everyone! I have found where the Purple Energem is.”

    So this episode will get a 7.5 out 10


    Ez what would be wrost Wacthing all Kamen Rider Chou Den-o in a forever lop or Kamen Rider Fourze fighting you man to man.

    What is your favorite animal theme sentai. I’m counting Hybreeds like Go ongers and Gobusters.

    Shades do you think an of the Ninnger toy are wroth buying.

    I would have name the evil alien time traveling turkey Steve. And no I wasn’t on anything when I came up with the idea it just came to me on top of my head. And if I would make him face a sentai team it would be the Ninngers.

    Bye guys! Turn into Kamen Rider OOO (Zyuranger Mode) and flew off.

    Also I made The dino Medas into OOO Medals

  4. So I’ll give this episode 7 out of 10


    If you had to choose over the Ranger keys or the lock seed what would you use to defeat your emeny

    I chosse time ranger.

    I came up with some idea of combining Kamen Rider Powers with Sentai Power. Like Den-o and Toqgers, Gokaigers and Decade

    So I’ll see you guys later. Turn into Kamen Rider Faviz

    What the Faviz did I just watch

  5. I’ll give that episode 7.5 out 10

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