Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 19 Recap

The searxh for the Purple Ranger continues, now with the finding of the Loch Ness Monster Zord!!!

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6 thoughts on “Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 19 Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    So, Heckyl…*sees goggles* Hmm, Saban…if you’re trying to appease us after you refuse to adapt Go-busters…you have my attention and Man, I feel really bad for Miss Morgan and the others cause all their wishes start out good until karma strikes and *sniffs and sees Koda still suffering from his burger* Geez, Koda take it somewhere else! *sighs* That’s our Koda! So, I give this a 8 “force-lightingbolts”/10 and now, if you would all excuse me…*dresses as Heckyl with goggles and looks at audience* What? I’m hunting for a possible Escape and in the words of Bard the Sage “Till next time”

  2. Chris Ortiz says:

    Hello guys hope you all are do well today. Here are my thoughts on the episode “Wishing for a hero”, I really enjoyed this episode. I loved how it’s building up towards the revel of the purple ranger so I give them credit for that. I also like that they adapted Enter from Go-Busters as the one steals the purple energem so more points to them. And as for that line he said about not wanting anybody to spoil his big plans, could he be who I think he might be? Nah, that’s probably just a theory. Also, was I the only one who notice that one of the monsters from the prison cells was Necrolai from Mystic Force? Saban really likes to reuse old costumes. Overall, a pretty good episode. And I just found out while I was typing this that the last episode of the first half is going to be on December 12th which means next week will be the Christmas episode. Why Nickelodeon couldn’t show the Christmas after the end of the first half is beyond me?

    And one last thing, we now have all five rangers for upcoming movie and I like the choices they made. I look forward to see what these actors are going to bring come 2017, though I am curious to see who they’re gonna cast to play Bulk & Skull?

    Anyways, take care guys.

  3. that one guy says:

    We only got two more episode before Dino Charge end. Now it time for another review of Power Ranger Dinooooooooooooo Charge.

    So the new Villian Heckyl is going to be our version of Enter. And yes Goggles are still in style because of Digimon Tri. I’m wondering how Sledge got that guy in that cell in the first place.

    Anyway the rangers are trying to find a new Purple ranger with no luck. It was funny where one of the guy said “Watch the Gun show” and Kendall reaction was priceless. I did find kind of rickless of putiting her self in danger so she can find a ranger?

    The monster was okay and one of the first monster that kinda help Sledge get the Energem. Also the ranger get their wishes ganted but have bad time to happen to them. It like the fairly odd parents saying :”What can possible go wrong.

    So this episode I’ll give it a 7 Wishes that has gone wrong out of 10

    So we have season final right. See the chirstmas episode. Oh no.


    Favorite main rider kick

    Which mode of time travel you want to use? Timerangers or the Den Liner?

    This is That one Guy saying that there for a world of more good Toku. See ya

    1. Hey Spoilers bro.

      Anyway This episode was good and I’ll give it 8 Kendell getting save by radom people out 10


      Who do you want for a room mate Kamen rider OOO or Kamen rider Wizard

      What Sentai team you want to team up at radom

      I choose Kyougers because they look like they are the stronger team. Also they have Daigo Battlelier to deal with which I thing they are not going to beat that.

  4. SuperSentaiHero says:

    So just a kick comment to close out the night Heckyl while sharing some comparisons to Enter could be our Aqua Ranger and here’s how if you notice outside of Sledge’s ship Heckyl’s hair has a light aqua tint at the top as well as a light blue or aqua shirt underneath his jacket.

  5. Questions for Ranger Recap

    Wouldn’t it be more of a Christmas special without the typical trademark violence to spoil it, like they did in Zeo and Samurai and Megaforce, than for it to be just your typical toku episode?

    Also, I would like to see the Beetleborgs christmas episode for your next review.

    Also, as a person who likes MY Little Pony asking, why did mattyjay think it was proper to give mean spirit on the brony community…?

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