Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 22 Recap

It’s the Season finale! And the Rangers go out with a BANG!!!



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1 thought on “Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Episode 22 Recap

  1. that one guy says:

    Hey there my recapping buddies. That one guy here to give my thoughts on Ninja Steel. When I heard the name Ninja Steel I thought about Beyblade Shogun Steel. What with Americans fusing japaness warrior with steel!

    Saban could have gone with Toqgers because they could have thought of something they could have done with it. Or they are not going to get kids to play the parts like the last time that happen and blew up in there faces. There could have been some ideas of using the footage of Toqgers, but what done is done. Everybody hates Gobuster and Toqgers but EZ.

    I’m not such that I have my fate on what Saban is going to do with Ninnger, but I’m hoping that they can come up with something good and make the Ninngers better here then it is in japan. Hears hoping that we have another non bothing Red Ranger.

    Anyway that all I got to say on the matter here, I’m now going to be waiting for Dino Super Charge to come to america. Bye! Ninja Vansish!

    my vote is for Gaorangers because they have more zords and a god on there side from what I remember

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