Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Halloween Episode Recap

It’s Halloween Time for the Recap Crew, so will it be another Bad Halloween Special for the Rangers?

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Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

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from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
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9 thoughts on “Ranger Recap – Dino Charge Halloween Episode Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, a Power Ranger Halloween Special and luckily for me…I’ve never seen the Samurai Halloween special nor any other ones and also treating Stymero as the Cupid Dino Charger was not bad but I think that we have a bit of romance between Red and Pink *glares at Tommy* Don’t even think about, bud

    1. Donovan Graf says:

      Hmm, a Power Ranger Halloween Special and luckily for me…I’ve never seen the Samurai or the Megaforce Halloween Special and the execution of the “Cupid Dino Charger” or as I like to call it Stymero…not that I’m being a Sentai Purist and seeing a bit of romance between Red and Pink *glares at Tommy* Don’t even think about stealing Shelby away from Tyler, bud

      1. Hey Donovan, no double posts! Just giving you a heads up!

        1. EZ Rider says:

          I said it was okay for him to do it.

  2. Chris Ortiz says:

    Hello once folks, here are my thoughts on the episode “Rise of a Ranger”. So last episode the ranger were playing a game of to tell the truth and in this episode we see Prince Phillip again as discovers the Graphite energem and try’s to prove himself worthy of bonding with the energem by doing a lot good deeds. So after saving Chase’s sister he proves himself worthy and becomes the Graphite Ranger. Overall, this was a good character development episode as it shows that you don’t do a good deeds just for your own selfish needs, you do it because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s a lesson Phillip learn in this episode and will probably play a big part of his character throughout the series. And of course the Ranger gain a new zord in the Packizord even though the debut was kind of ruined in the last episode thanks to Nickelodeon’s schedule botching.Funny that they’re actually going to show the Halloween episode again on Halloween. Gee, maybe you should’ve done that in the first place instead of showing it two week before Halloween. OOPS. But anyways, were now up seven rangers, now we await the arrival of the Aqua Ranger, Violet Ranger, and Silver Ranger.

    Now then, since Rangerstop is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to being there again this year. And one thing that I thought about was that we haven’t seen much of the supporting actors from either Morphicon or Rangerstop. So my question is to you guys, what supporting actor from any of the power ranger seasons would you like to meet the most in future cons?

    Thanks as always and have a nice day.

  3. M.D. Mars says:

    Hello again, Recappers.
    Before I say anything else, I just wanted to thank you for answering my questions last week. I enjoyed hearing all of your responses to them.
    So at last we got the first appearance of the Graphite Ranger, and I gotta say, I enjoyed every minute of his debut. I liked Prince Philip’s story a lot this week. Wanting so much to be a hero and join the ranks of the Power Rangers is something I believe we all have wanted to be at one point in our lives, so I couldn’t help but root for him all the way. He kind of reminded me of Boom from S.P.D. in that regard. It really shows just how much the rangers changed him as a person; going from spoiled prince to a hero. It’s an excellent episode and I love new ranger introductions. I give it an 8.5 out of 10. It’s a great episode with a great lesson for kids about what you need to be a hero: protecting the innocent and selflessly thinking about others.
    Last week I asked Kamen Rider questions, so this time I’ll ask Power Ranger/Super Sentai ones.
    1. If one team of Power Rangers were chosen to get a movie adaptation, which one would you want and what do you think it would be about?
    2. What is your favorite Super Sentai crossover movie?
    3. What would your thoughts be on a Sentai theme that was aquatic themed?
    I can’t wait to see what Dino Charge brings us next time. May the Power protect you, later.

  4. that one guy says:

    Hi guys and ghost

    It time for a Power Ranger Dinooooooooooooooooooooo Chargggggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    So we see Fury again. I don’t know where he was for the last four episodes? Were you with Robo knight drinking coffie or something?

    Prince Phil find the energem for the graph ranger and tries to find many ways to bond with it. By using his money to help out people, but that didn’t work. The energem only chooses people that are selfless and really heroic. Money can’t buy you respect or something like that.

    We get introduct to Chase’s sister and him having him to leave because of Fury attacking is not that great. Also Chase you don’t leave your little sister along at a skate part unless you ask someone to watch over her. This might be a plot point for later for the chirstmas episode of Chase seeing his family.

    Nick why did you show this episode before the halloween episode agian?

    Hit the Gosei button

    So I’ll give this episode 6.5 chatting rangers in battle out of 10


    Do you want to see more holiday episode beside chirstmas and halloween? I would love if someone make a Thankgiving episode with an evil magical time traveling alien turkey. .

    Have a good Halloween Recappers. Turn into Kamen rider Akaninge ghost. See you later

  5. So I’ll give this episode 7 out 10

  6. *Pops up from out of nowhere behind the Ranger Recappers with a Garo mask*

    Hey there guys, haven’t been keeping up with Dino Charge since I no longer have cable and the show isn’t up on Netflix which is complete Bull crap if you ask me. I will absolutely agree with everybody about how Nick handled last week’s episode however because it was such a dick move on Nickelodeon’s part.

    I remember watching the season 2 premiere of MMPR when Lord Zedd debuted on Fox along with the X-Men cartoon in primetime 🙂 This brings me to 1 of my questions btw. What did you guys think of Lord Zedd when he debuted? I personally thought that it was very awesome to have an original villain for season 2 and that Lord Zedd was a truly evil and frightening bad guy, that is until the parents bitched and complained about him being “too dark” and “too scary” for the kids and Saban had to tone him down which was something that Robert
    Axelrod still isn’t very happy about to this very day.

    I have a couple more questions for you.

    #2: I know that you guys aren’t big fans of the Super Hero Taisen movies, but what did you guys think about Hiroshi Fujioka coming back to reprise his role in Kamen Rider Taisen as Kamen Rider Ichigou? I personally didn’t have any issues with Kamen Rider Taisen and enjoyed it for what it was since I’m not a toku critic or reviewer.

    #3: What do you guys think about Toei possibly resurrecting Smart Brain from Kamen Rider Faiz? Do you think it’s a good idea? And I also agree with EZ about bringing back Foundation X by the way.

    Anyways, that’s all for this week! See you guys later and let the power protect you all!

    *Disappears via a portal in the style of Kamen Rider Decade and leaves
    Matty a Matty-Cara pumpkin for Halloween*

    P.S.: I got my pre-order copy of Dairanger in the mail from Shout! Factory a while ago and have already watched the first 10 episodes but the package got damaged which REALLY pissed me off when I found out. Going to contact Shout! Factory to see if I can’t get a replacement copy.

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