Ranger Recap: Dino Super Charge Ep 01

The Recapers welcome the Dino Charge Rangers back! …whether YouTube likes it or not…

Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

Opening Theme Song: “Hope for the World” By Ron Wasserman,
from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
Available here: http://ronwasserman.bandcamp.com/

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1 thought on “Ranger Recap: Dino Super Charge Ep 01

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    So, we have the first episode of the new Dino Charge season and our favorite “time-lord” has assumed the role of main big bad…nice! Also, he has an evil side to him…wait…Heckyl, Snide…*suddenly realizes and smirks* Judd, you clever SOB…and we get to see Ice Age again and he froze the rangers…please don’t Dave me for this but *clears throat* WE WERE FROZEN TODAY!!! And Koda beating his fear of losing his new family…I love that…So I give this episode a solid 10 *I was frozen todays*/10 and my vote goes to Denjiman and not just because of Kenji Ohba but I just like the storyline of the series and now, if you all will excuse me, I have to go and practice my skills with the Laser Blade

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