Ranger Recap: Dino Super Charge Ep. 03

….we’re gonna need more pillows!

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3 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino Super Charge Ep. 03

  1. so first off the Sword with Ivan he was grabbing and using Shelby’s Dino saber she drops, watch the scene where she drops it you can see Ivan starting to reach for it and then the next wide shot he has it in hand.
    Also “now all we need is a hot dog morpher” or should i say “wiener morpher.”

    But yeah i think they blew a load on revealing Heckle early, he could have easily played it off as being controlled just say something like “”you damn monsters I’ll make sure you never wake up” or when Snide comes out start screaming like “w-what’s happening to me Shelby Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp”

    is it just me or is the super Drive mode kinda weird without the mouth plate, might just be the “wild Red” from Kyu but it looks off.

    But you guys make a good point i did training for one day and i still got paid, Heckel’s got to have a pay check coming in…maybe he can get Baron Nero’s Hat and get a separate Monster form from Snide….

    On Magiranger, Houka!Bee isn’t that creepy to me but Houka!Car was, think about it her Sister was inside her. People turning into vehicles always creeps me out because you have people inside other people. It’s similar to that weird feeling i see when character on a show has to act in show from the meta because of Actors pretending to be someone else pretending to act…

    On Gokai Silver Gold mode, remember in order to make the Gold Mode key he has to combine ALL the 6th ranger keys so without the 6th ranger keys he CAN’T make the gold mode key.

    Also a (good) Zed and Rita sit com would have been fun with a slow burn up to her becoming the Mystic Mother and them raising their first human kid but eventually having to give her up to an orphanage. There’s so much material to work with for a Zed and Rita sitcom.

    Now Troll Answers for the Sentai Quiz
    1: JouEagle
    2: AkaNinjer
    3: Plessu-oh
    4: Well that’s Obviously….Lauren

    Now onto a question, given Toei/Bandais obsession with Red, most notable in Ninninger if a future sentai used /5/ red rangers (one team of 5 reds not a legacy team of past reds) how do you think that would work?

  2. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, a sheep monster messing with rangers’ dreams…now, where have I seen this before? *flashbacks to MMPR season 1* *sighs* Saban, why are you repeating yourselves? Well, personally, I think it was fun and even brought memories of that particular episode especially our favorite comedy duo piloting Daizyujin.

    So, I’ll give this episode 10/”nightmare pillows”/10 and also, I give my vote to Magiranger cause at least they can do the whole family dynamic *glares at Ninninger*

  3. Megaforce hater says:

    Good episode 10 out 10

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