Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Ep 02

DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO WATER! Seriously, you’ll get amnesia… like the Rangers did…

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Starring EZ Rider, The Shades and Matty Jay.
Title Card by Jessie Elias
Edited by Matt Jodouin and EZ Peterson

Opening Theme Song: “Hope for the World” By Ron Wasserman,
from the album “Power Rangers Redux”
Availble here: http://ronwasserman.bandcamp.com/

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2 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Ep 02

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, Water making people forgetting who you are…*flashbacks to EZ’s review of Agito* *sighs* Saban, those who have seen Kamen Rider Agito have seen this trope before…also, seeing Stingrage again was kinda cool…I guess and I’ll give this episode a solid 10/Forgettable waters/10 and now, I’m going to try and see if I can recreate that water so I can forget Ninninger *dons Dexter Cosplay* To The Secret Lab! *falls through floor like many spy movies and arrives at secret lab and looks at camera* Also, I can see the Gokaigers win this battle cause they can use their individual skills and not just rely on the keys…my vote goes to Gokager

  2. Megaforce hater says:

    This episode was good

    10 out of 10

    I choose Dairangers

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