Ranger Recap: Dino Supercharge Episode 4

We have a date with the latest episode. Will it go well? Then, Find out who moves on in the Sentai Tournament!

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5 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino Supercharge Episode 4

  1. RedRobLikzDisney says:

    Hey! Hey! Hey! IT’S RED!!! ROB!! Oh boy I can’t wait for this episode and it should be fun and I have an excellent weekend and EZ you are going to be sad that one of the Sentai Season on this part of the tournament will loose.
    Well that’s my first comment and hope you like my enthusiasm EZ 🙂
    “SO SEE YA!!”

  2. Chris Ortiz says:

    Hello every one here to give my thoughts on the episode Roar of the Ranger. So we finally find out who is the Aqua Ranger and it turns out to be Tyler’s father. I gotta say I really liked the revel as I did speculate that he might either the Silver Ranger or the Aqua Ranger. I also liked that had James as the one to free Tyler from his animal control because as we all know, “Who better than Aqua Ranger?!” Also loved the revel of the T-Rex Supercharge mode and that they made an original transformation sequence. And I liked how they’re building a rivalry between Fury and Singe. So overall this was an enjoyable episode and probably one of the best so far in the series. So nine down and only one energem left. Who’s is going to be the Dino Charge Silver Ranger? Will just have to wait and see. Later guys.

  3. SuperSentaiHero says:

    So Hi once again I wont go through a rundown of the episode because
    1. You guys already did that
    2. Others have probably done the same thing
    3. We’d just be wasting time

    So now that’s done how about this episode nice to see a new spin on the Aqua Ranger being Tyler’s father as well him maybe being a few years older than his son. this seems to be a running trend in Dino Charge that I wonder if you guys have caught onto how the energems themselves slow down the aging process as James Navarro is the third character this has happened to (Koda and Ivan being the other two). With one energem still out one wonders who it will be, by the way glad my Heckyl theory was wrong. All the best to you guys and keep on recapping.

  4. Donovan Graf says:

    *pops in like a real ninja while dressed like a fusion of Heckyl and Enter* Ca Va! Recappers! Well, I liked how they handled both the Aqua ranger and Carnival which wasn’t all bad…also, WHO BETTER THAN KYORYU CYAN!?…couldn’t resist…I give this episode 10/Macho Carnivals/10 *hears Minityra from behind and was tackled* Geez, what am I going to do with you, Rexy?

  5. So this is a bit out of left field but since it came up on both my streams and Twitter i’m curious on your thoughts.
    “If the villains win at the end of a sentai/PR when the next Sentai/PR team comes in to fight the NEXT group of villians the status quo would be earth run by the Old Evil making the Power Rangers/Sentai fighting to protect the ruling Evil Empire from a new Evil Empire.” Discuss.

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