Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Episode 5 Recap

WHO BETTA THAN AQ- sorry… it’s not the same…

A lot of surprises are in store for the Recappers tonight! Will Tyler Find any new info on his Dad? Will the Aqua Ranger come out of hiding? Which of EZ’s Favorite Sentai Move on in tonight’s tournament? All this, plus your E-Mails and Comments, tonight on Ranger Recap!

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2 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Episode 5 Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    *Watching said episode* You know…seeing Tyler going into a room full of lava kept making me want to make a Ronin Warriors reference but I didn’t and even how Shelby even lead the charge while their energems were out of commission and not only that, but seeing Dr. Morgan, Philip, and James using their dino chargers for the first time was awesome and also, I love how they snuck in the infamous Morphinomal catchphrase. So, I give this episode a 10/”Kyoryu Red Carnival Western”/10 and also, I give my vote to Shinkenger cause I really like how they handle the storyline and gotta admit that the theme was pretty catchy…till next time

  2. SuperSentaiHero says:

    So lets waste no time you know who I am and why I’m here I thought this weeks episode was pretty good as it shows what it takes to be a ranger by saying we don’t care if we have powers we’re still going to fight classic Power Rangers mythos. Was awesome to see Kendall, Phillip and James kick some faizing butt. To me this was one of Chip’s writing staffs best episodes so many nods to the past by making the story its own like the end of the episode with Tyler’s father going off to find the Silver Energem reminds me so much of Ryan Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue. My vote has gone to Shinkenger one reason being my first Sentai series watched in full also thought the theme was catchy so much so its on my IPod. The Characters to me kick buttloads of faizing backside. Keep on Recapping you guys #InsertCheesyPunHere

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