Ranger Recap – Dino SuperCharge Episode 6 Recap

Tyler gets his Dad bac- aaaaaaaaaaaand he’s gone… again…


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4 thoughts on “Ranger Recap – Dino SuperCharge Episode 6 Recap

  1. Actually there was that episode a few back where Tyler used Dino Armor X they even had Chase give it to him. As for the Eneegems the way i understood it was Kendell needed to synthesize their energies for the Super Weapon modes

    Also stop the Overdrive hate, they didn’t quit they were fired, and they still tried to fight, and even cam back for the sword as soon as something surfaced that they could do. It’s like digging on Turbo after their powers are destroyed, they had to figure out about NSADA if there was no nasada what would have done?

    On a side note just got in my fabric last week, homemade titanium ranger suit is in production now.

    1. Bobby Torres says:

      Actually, the Overdrive did quit. They lost their and when the Sentinel Knight recruited those other Rangers to replace them, they could have stuck around to provide assistance with theur civilian powers, but no, they decided to leave Operation OVERDRIVE and go back to their regular lives. And they only wanted back in after realizibg their regular lives are boring. And when they tried getting the sword, after not getting it, they were ready to just quit again. It was Mack that didnt want to quit and he had to convince the others to help.

      There was barely any interaction between the overdrive team and the veteran rangers. The veterans come off so much better than the overdrive team cuz the veterans know that being a hero isnt about the powers, but having the will and determination to do the right thing regardless. Not the overdrive team, they mope about and whine and call it quits rather than fighting the good fight.

  2. super Megaforce hater says:

    I’ll give this episode 7 out 10

  3. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, so Tyler’s dad is going to search for the silver energem and leaving the team…two Senshi pop into mind and they are both Kyoryu Cyan and Daigo’s father…Well, I give this episode a honest 9/10 and my vote goes to Go-Busters cause they need all the love that they can get cause Saban really should’ve adapted it but all the suits ever care about is toy sales and money *plays the Money Cat from Gay Purr-ee* Had to…till next time

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