Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Episode 7 Recap

Our Koda’s gonna play in the big league! Will this episode knock it out of the park? Or will it be a foul ball? Also, will be the Secret Agents or the Guardians of the Earth who move on in the Sentai Tournament? Find out, along with your E-Mails and Comments.


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3 thoughts on “Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Episode 7 Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, Koda playing baseball and with an subtly hidden exploding baseball bat and not only that, was hitting homerun after homerun with it while Riley was thinking of how cool it would be to win a championship baseball game and not being a ranger being more important…so, I’ll give this episode 10/exploding baseball bats/10 and also, I give my vote to Gekiranger cause even though, Jan’s made-up words will get annoying…at least one other phrase is still a classic among us and that is *clears throat* PORK CUBE STEW!!! Had to…till next time

  2. Ben Martin says:

    Awesome episode, Spell Digger unlike in kyoryuger was not accidently created but dino super charge he was created on purposed to make the rangers greedy
    also I’m still block from the chat on all rvt youtube livestreams who is the steam motorater.

  3. LittleBro14 says:

    When’s the Dairanger review, I’m getting impatient

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