Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Mid-Season Finale Recap

The Time has come for the Mid-Season Break, so will this finale be a Pot of Gold, or will it leave us in emotional debt. Then, find out who moves on in the Sentai Tournament. All this, plus E-Mails and Comments.

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1 thought on “Ranger Recap: Dino SuperCharge Mid-Season Finale Recap

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Hmm, gold coins making people go absolutely nuts whenever they touch it *looks around and sighs* Good, cause if a certain Scottish duck were to know of those enchanted coins…he would have them all to himself in that giant vault of his in Duckberg and plus, Ivan destroying that suit with his sword was also funny and plus, the “cat-lady” was and pardon the obvious cat pun but purrr-fect. So, I’ll give this episode a solid gold 10/enchanted alien coins/10 and my vote…goes to the Dairangers cause they know how to funny and serious at the same time..till next time

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