2 thoughts on “Ranger Recap MINISODE – Road to RangerStop 2015

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Well, seeing an elderly man fighting monsters kinda reminds me of one other old man from Japan and I think that Albert was really holding his own against the ice and virus monsters…laters! Oh! Before I go…I give this episode an 8/10 and now I can leave *ninja disappearance technique like Grandpa asshole*

  2. that one guy says:

    Hi there recappers.

    E.Z If you have it bad with annoying ghosts then step into my shoes. I have two ghost haunting me that are Akaninja and Kamen Rider Fourze yelling at the top of their lungs, “I Fire up, or It Space time” in you face.
    That one guy here again. It time for another Power ranger dino charge review episode 17 and 18. We are only
    3 episodes away from the ending. Play the NOOOOOOOOO clip from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3ZcX1JNju4

    In episode 17 We have Albert as our purple Ranger and this is the first time in ranger history that we have an old man as a ranger and it is cool. I like that even though he was scared and know to do that right thing and that why he was chosen to be a ranger. So I’ll give this episode 10 Power Ranger Super Sentai balls out of 10.

    Episode 18 was okay, but these stories have been done 1000 of times. But it still get a 8.5 Pull the lever Wrinch out 10. Also I’m glad that the person in this episode know who the power ranger are then that stupid lady in lightspeed

    Give E.z a new Go buster Ghost gun to help him out with the ghost

    What Toku character you don’t want haunt you as ghost? My would be Takaharu and Fourze

    What do you think about the Toqger vs the Ninngers movie plot so far and what do you want different from the other sentai crossover movies? Really for me I want the character to interact off each other and get screen time. Dam you Toqgers vs Kyourgers!

    IN the Liveman vs Jacq I think the Jacq would win because of their cyborg like abilities could over overwhelmed them. And Jacq weapeons seem to be better then Liveman. So I chose Jacq as my choose from the Tournament.

    This is That one guy saying There hope for the world for

    Got interrupted by Ghost Takaharu and Fourze: “I FIREEEEEEDDDDD UPPPPPPPPPPP! It Space Timmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee” blasted them with my Gokai Guns.

    Sorry that won’t happen again. Anyway This is That one Guy saying that there for a world of more good Toku. See ya

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