Ranger Recap SPECIAL – Cards Against Humanity (Toku Edition)

Since there was no New Dino Charge this week (Screw you, Nick!) We’re gonna get nasty, as the Recappers are joined by TRSP’s Mikshel and Toku Riffer SpadeAce for Cards against Humanity (Using Custom Toku and Power Ranger Cards)
May be NSFW. Listen at your own risk.

2 thoughts on “Ranger Recap SPECIAL – Cards Against Humanity (Toku Edition)

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    When the card that had to do with tripping on acid and the two choices “Movie War Core turned into unfathomable stupidity” and I even risked a Dave from Zeltrax when I asked him about his review on said movie and he even glared at me for my trouble and plus, Mikshel was really evil when he pulled the Ninningers card when Ace was Card Czar…I felt bad for him…till next time

  2. Ben Martin says:

    this episode was good
    please unband me from the chat on the recap and rider the transformation
    by Ben Martin

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