2 thoughts on “Ranger Recap – Super Megaforce Episode 20

  1. Demetrius Walker says:

    To comment on the Dino Charge Morpher: I have always believed that the FCC regulates singular-colored caps on the barrels of toy guns is so that they can be easily distinguished from actual guns. I think that’s actually wise of them due to few cases of firearms being improvised as cap guns. Should this really be that big a deal to complain about these safety caps merely because they produce show-accuracy issues…?

    (please reply if you want to give an honest opinion…)

    Also, i’m sure cartoon network is as insufferable as you say it is. I enjoy most of its primetime programs. It helps me pass the time.

  2. Chris Ortiz says:

    Hay there guys, before I give my review of the series let me give quick mention on my thoughts on the final episode. After seeing the extended version again, it was much better than the original version.

    Now with that out of the way time for my overall thoughts on the entire series, and yes I am counting Mega Force and Super Mega Force as a whole. While it did get off to a strong start in the beginning it started to lose momentum around the end of the first half. By the time the second half started it did manage to pick its self up but then lost momentum again near the end which made for a lot of hit and miss episodes despite some editing mistakes every now and then. The characters for this series were decent for the most part. The ones in my opinion that got the most character development were Noah and Jake while the weakest developed character was Troy. The rest of the characters including the villains were okay. If I were to rate this series I would give it a C+. I think they did the best they could given the circumstances but I can see why fans would be turn off from this. But I’ll admit, it could’ve been worse. If I had to rank this series with the last two anniversary seasons I would say it’s a step below Wild Force but above Operation Overdrive. But hay that’s my opinion. So here’s hoping the 25th anniversary season will be better in the future.

    Now for my final question of the year. If Jonathan Tzachor was never brought back as executive producer when Saban reacquired the franchise back in 2010 do you think that Samurai and Mega Force/Super Mega Force could’ve been better?

    Well guys, another Power Rangers series has come and gone. And as always we look forward to the next season. What will Dino Charge have in stored for us next year, will just have to wait and see. Until then, you guys have a happy holidays. See you in 2015.

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