5 thoughts on “Toku Time: Chou Den-O Episode Yellow

  1. Dylan Ogg says:

    EZ, are you homophobic?

  2. The Order Of Tsukasa Kadoya says:

    And THAT lovely display COMPLETES Chou Den-O! Atta BOY, EZ! I’m Still waiting on the FULL review of Decade!

    1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

      Again; easy on the coke mate. It’ll save your life.

      1. The Order Of Tsukasa Kadoya says:

        I’m not on cocaine dude, it’s a framing device of sorts.

        1. Dyaln Scott Ogg says:

          Careful man, this is a slippery slope! First, you’re on the Coke. But eventually, that’s not enough, and you’re on the Pepsi! Then you’ve moved on to the harder stuff like MOUNTAIN DEW! And before you know it…BAM! You’re Hitler!

          There might be a few more steps in there, but I think the point stands.

          Drugs are bad m’kay…?

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