4 thoughts on “Toku Time: EZ’s Top 10 Favorite Power Rangers Sagas

  1. Xavier Gray says:

    Excellent list of saga.

    Oh and FYI, Power Rangers Mystic Force is not an underrated season. It’s actually an unbalanced season because the show clearly doesn’t care about giving its’ four main Power Rangers any focus because ironically, they’re a more interesting characters than the side characters who’ve been hogging all of the camera time and the Red Ranger who is by far one of the worst characters ever made in the show because, he clearly doesn’t do anything to make himself an interesting character for his focus story, nor does he actually embrace the character traits that are being offered to him as an “important character”. He’s just a total over-acted, under-emotional douchebag who rides a motorcycle.

    1. Keito says:

      First of all, it’s his opinion not yours. Second of all there are five Rangers on the mystic force team, eight if you include the extras. And finally your grammar is terrible.

  2. C.j. Gregory says:

    Why didn’t you include the psycho ranger saga? its really damn good! I’m not saying your list his wrong since its your preference but why not include it

    1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

      Despite the name, this list was about Multi-Parters, so the Psycho Ranger Saga is technically disqualified.

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