47 thoughts on “Toku Time: Kamen Rider OOO Review

  1. Paul Buckley says:

    Been waiting for this.

  2. azurath555 says:

    This is the first Toku Time review where I’ve seen the series in question beforehand. Exciting! Thanks.

  3. azurath555 says:

    09:18 (part 2) Well, we’re back to the Yuuto “Baka!” clip.

    1. Paul Buckley says:

      Well, nothing wrong with that.

      1. azurath555 says:

        Yeah, but the Episode Red version seemed sorta short-lived.

        1. mattwo7 says:

          Personally, I don’t like being reminded of that movie…wasn’t AS bad as I thought it was when I personally reviewed it reviewed it but it was still pretty bad…

          1. azurath555 says:

            Sorry for reminding you…

          2. mattwo7 says:

            It’s not your fault, and I certainly can’t blame EZ for using that clip. I’d use it too if I really felt like it.

  4. Great job, EZ. I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time

    1. And in my opinion, TaJaDor will always be OOO’s final form in my mind, no PuToTyrannosaurus

      1. Paul Buckley says:

        That’s your opinion, but I will always prefer the dark dino powers. Though Super Tatobah is officially OOO’s final form.

        1. Mike says:

          Final doesn’t mean most powerful…thank god. Liner Form is the final form of the Den-O series but Climax is the ultimate. Super Tatoba (ugh) is about Rocket States level, and in OOO which is a series where the normal base forms are arguably as powerful as the average mid-season upgrade, TajaDor HAS to be on Kachidoki’s level at least. PuToTyra’s GOT to be one of the most powerful rider forms introduced. The first greeed fights it had were just awesome. Compare to the extremely lacklustre Type Trideron.

          TaJaDor is actually similar to Sword form in the end as while not the most powerful it’s the most story significant. Plus combining Eiji’s, Ankh’s and the cores powers to make a super once off version was great.

        2. Mike says:

          Plus I would argue Super TaToBa is related to movie OOO…who can’t be the main OOO due to crazy movie timelines and antics (He’s been OOO for at least 2 years going by the timeline of W, he’s a complete idiot, his events always involve character rosters and events that can’t work in the shows timeline, Giru not only isn’t present in the series but the purple cores are a modern invention Mezool and Gamel had no knowledge of, rather than expecting it to be Giru as they do in OOO ‘s first movie war). . God bless the Japanese affection for alternate takes.

          1. mattwo7 says:

            Giru was retconned out of the movie continuity obviously and has no mention in Megamax. One thing you need to remember is that the writers for those movies tend to not be the ones who write for the show. Movie War Core’s writers quite obviously overstepped their bounds and made a risk not worth taking.

          2. mattwo7 says:

            The OOO segment for Movie War Core was written by Toshiki Inoue (who is known for writing summer movies fans don’t consider to be canon) by the way, so that should help explain things. He didn’t write the OOO segment for Megamax however, that movie actually DID have the head writer for OOO: Yasuko Kobayashi.

  5. Vraptor140 says:

    You said back when first making this post that you thought about waiting till all parts were done before releasing them but ended up not. And the last part as been pushed back a lot so far.

    So I’d say you should have followed that first idea.

    1. Paul Buckley says:

      When is the last part comming? It’s been an entire week already.

      1. EZ Rider says:

        It’s out for my Patrons first, the rest of you will get it tonight so just be patient.

  6. pretty cool, and hey at least the oos movie gave us some reslution on Ankh returning

  7. Chris says:

    That was a great review and it was worth waiting for hey ez besides tajador which of the other medal combos do you like also whos your favourite heisei rider sorry if i screwed some of the words i greek and my english writing is kinda rusty

  8. Awsomeisimo says:

    when did you review the 40th anniversary special you reviewed kamen rider the first for the 40th anniversary did you think of that

      1. Awsomeisimo says:

        well i got one question in what faizing timeline does the showa vs heisei raider movie happen and it was a crossover that didn’t include shocker or time travel

        1. i don’t konw, they are way too many continuity breaks, thank god kamen rider yongou was created and eliminated it from the timeline (well at least faiz’s involment, wich was, sadly, the most inacurate)

  9. guiron says:

    Good review but I think you need a different video hosting site, the constant Daily Motion commercials are ruining the narrative flow that your presenting.

    1. mattwo7 says:

      He does use Zippcast if you’re not willing to use adblock on a horrible video hosting site that’s almost as bad as googletube. http://www.zippcast.com/user/EZ_Rider&view=videos Part 4 isn’t up there yet though.

  10. azurath555 says:

    Good review. Sorta ruined what I thought to be a flawless series, but still good. My only problem is that I thought it deserved a higher final analysis than it got. The cons you brought up were legitimate, but they didn’t bother me as much. Okay, Dr. Maki may have been a pretty blatant villain, but I don’t think the 1000th episode special deserved to be a con. It’s two episodes out of 48, and honestly I preferred it to the 40th anniversary movie.

  11. yavik says:

    Thanks for reviewing Kamen Rider OOO . I LOVE that show . Could you look at Kamen Rider W , the show before it ? It NEEDS to be reviewed . Thanks , and live -action Sailor Moon . I DARE you to review that .

    1. mattwo7 says:

      Hm, both of those sound like they’d crossovers with The Shades…

    2. yavik says:

      How about Chousei Kantai Sazer-X ? Miura Ryosuke ( Ankh / Shingo ) isin that one. That was before OOO.

  12. austin says:

    eiji will be eren jager

  13. Awsomeisimo says:

    Did anyone else notice that TaToBa looks like a stoplight ?

    1. mattwo7 says:

      Only everyone….

  14. Gabriel Fong says:

    Hi sometimes when I watch a video it lags on mobile does anyone know why

  15. Muhamad Adnin says:

    The actor who play Dr Maki remind me a bit of John Lennon

  16. yavik says:

    They deleted the first part . NOOOOO! Why , Toei ? I LOVE OOO!

    1. mattwo7 says:

      Embed still works. Video page doesn’t. Strange.

  17. xXRocketShark216Xx says:

    Dangit, now that he’s actually reviewed it we have nothing to bug him about, lol. Quick, someone start begging him to review another Rider series! Hmm…how about Gaim?

    1. i don’t now that’s too new, how about another den-o month, reviewing the original series, ore tanjou, climax deka and final countdown, mainly because i really don’t get why he loves it so much, and yet calls decade stipid and shitty, i don’t know den-o was stupider a awuful to me

      1. mattwo7 says:

        If he’s anything like me the problem is that Decade is far too contrived and lacks a lot of explanations for things that will likely never get answers because the guy who was originally working on it left partway. It really shows he did too because after the Heisei AR worlds, things went a biiiit wonky.

        As for Den-O, that went Downhill starting with Climax Deka….He also hates Imagin Anime. I personally don’t mind it but SD stuff isn’t his cup of tea he’s told me.

        I personally reviewed Episode Red and while I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would, it was still not very good.

  18. Solly Sussman says:

    Now let’s see if you’ll review Kamen Rider Wizard.

  19. The Order Of Tsukasa Kadoya says:

    OOO YES! NICE job Mr. E-Z Rider Sir!

    1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

      You gotta stop with the Cocaine man.

  20. William Almanzar says:

    Can you do a review of kamen rider fourze EZ

  21. walmanzar says:

    Can you do a review of kamen rider fourze or ex aid EZ rider

  22. walmanzar22 says:

    Can you do a review of kamen rider fourze or ex aid ez rider

  23. Gokaimaster100 says:

    Next time, don’t monologue when someone is armed with a new toy

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