4 thoughts on “Toku Time: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Review (Redux)

  1. azurath555 says:

    Since the two-year cutoff date is coming up for 2013-2014 Toku, I hope EZ will get around to reviewing Gaim, since it seems like the most controversial Rider series to date. I can’t afford to be a Patron, so I hope some of his patrons would like to hear his opinion on the show.

  2. demetrius walker says:

    These ‘ungrateful jerks’ as you call them just had one of their own near death. I do not know why the Zyu rangers should still be deemed heroes knowing it nearly cost a child their life. It should not matter how many times they saved the city, all of that would just be in vain if it means people had lose their life.Nothing should be worth the life of another…

  3. 14:21
    laughing my head off XD! Just Do It! Hope to see Shia in future reviews.

  4. EZ, if u did Zyuranger, nothings stopping you from doing Abaranger or Kyoryuger

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