2 thoughts on “Toku Time: MOONRISE Part 2

  1. “Once a Ranger” is the WORST of all Operation Overdrive/Power Rangers episodes, it’s even worse than Turbo and Jungle Fury combined.

    I’m glad I did not buy that garbage. I’m sticking to “Forever Red”, my all-time favorite, and the BEST of all Wild Force/Power Rangers episodes.

    And “Legendary Battle” is NOT better than “Forever Red” and “Gokaiger/Goseiger/Super Sentai: 199 Hero Great Battle”, but it is better than “Once a Ranger” in my opinion.

  2. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

    Personally, I thought Xander was one of the best characters on Mystic Force. Much more worthy of being Red Ranger than Nick. Also, he’s a New Zealander, not Australian. As for why Bridge was her instead of Jack or Sky. From what I’ve heard Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack’s actor) was approached, but he turned it down since he had just broken up with Emma Lahana (Kira’s actress), and he thought it would make things awkward on set. Though I don’t have much info on why Matt Austin was brought in instead of Chris Violette.

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