3 thoughts on “Toku Time: MOONRISE Part 3

  1. honestley ez even after this review i still don’t get why do you hat decade and yet love den-o

  2. Eddy Madison says:

    To be honest i actually find the Ayakashi took the Diend driver from Kaito is pretty funny, i mean think about it “a thief get robbed” that’s ironically hilarious

  3. Jesse Leitner says:

    Truth be told (and this is just my opinion) I actually liked this episode of Decade and i also happen to actually like Decade as my one of my favorite Kamen Riders. I really don’t get why you hate on Decade, EZ. I mean Decade’s powers and concept are both very cool and his Complete Forms looks awesome. Now onto Diend getting robbed…yes that is funny and i tend to think of it as Diend getting robbed by Sly Cooper since Sly also steals from other thieves, instead of Sly we get an Ayakashi doing the thieving.

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