4 thoughts on “Toku Time: MOONRISE Part 3

  1. honestley ez even after this review i still don’t get why do you hat decade and yet love den-o

  2. Eddy Madison says:

    To be honest i actually find the Ayakashi took the Diend driver from Kaito is pretty funny, i mean think about it “a thief get robbed” that’s ironically hilarious

  3. Jesse Leitner says:

    Truth be told (and this is just my opinion) I actually liked this episode of Decade and i also happen to actually like Decade as my one of my favorite Kamen Riders. I really don’t get why you hate on Decade, EZ. I mean Decade’s powers and concept are both very cool and his Complete Forms looks awesome. Now onto Diend getting robbed…yes that is funny and i tend to think of it as Diend getting robbed by Sly Cooper since Sly also steals from other thieves, instead of Sly we get an Ayakashi doing the thieving.

    1. Dylan Ogg says:

      I guess irony can be pretty ironic.

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