Toku Time: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Tribute

Time for another toku break. EZ Rider goes to the theater of time and space to discuss the history (and the return of) one of his biggest comedy inspirations, MST3K.

3 thoughts on “Toku Time: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Tribute

  1. 35:38 Well, you do have Imagin friends.

  2. Mattwo says:

    I’m not really a MSTie but I have seen a bit of this show because Linkara and MangaKamen seem so fond of it. I guess one could say my own reviewing and comedy style was indirectly inspired by it considering Linkara’s always been my biggest inspiration for my reviews.

    This is a great retrospective BTW, I didn’t know a lot of this stuff.

    Love that “who’s on first” type joke you used for the credits. Noh, hah funny.

  3. Ram Roldan says:

    I smell upcoming reviews at the end…

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