Toku Time Sit-Rep 6-29-19

Hey Toku Faithful, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these so here’s what’s been going on and what’s coming up on Toku Time.


Recently I’ve had some health issues that have halted any work on videos, up to and including bronchitis that’s been going around my workplace and a ruptured eardrum. Thankfully the latter is minor and not too bad. I still have trouble hearing but I’m getting better but it’s hard to use headphones for streaming or recording/editing purposes. I should be better in a few weeks or months.


This review has been put on hold indefinitely. People have asked and yes I am reviewing Kamen Rider 4 (Yongou) in the next part, trust me it connects back to Faiz, if you’ve seen it you know what I mean.  I’m still looking for an actress to play a new character I want to introduce in the next video but I’ve had no luck after numerous tries. I’ve been rethinking and I may just change the character into just a voice role, thankfully finding voice actors has been much easier. Trust me this will all be worth it once I reveal the new character. Things are about to change for the better.


As promised I am working on a triple review, and first up is one myself (and many of you) have wanted for a long long time. I’ve never reviewed a Showa Era rider series so this is going to be fun. I’m currently in the early process of scripting this review. I don’t know when filming will begin as I will have to finish the Faiz review first.


As promised in the last review I’ll be bringing back What the Faiz. Unlike before this time WTFOTW will depend entirely on you the fans. The more clips you suggest the longer it will go. So send me those suggestions either through e-mail, twitter, or on my Discord if you haven’t joined already.


Hard to believe I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years. I have something planned for the big day, nothing too huge, you might call it a retrospective on some of my first reviews and assorted favorite episodes of Toku Time, I’ll be doing little videos like that throughout July so look forward to that.


I recently did some film work at a convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend, where I filmed some panels there, including one with my good friend  Joe Bob Briggs. It was a delight meeting him again and and meeting Darcy the mail girl for the first time. I had a lot of fun and learned some new tricks of the trade. I wanna give a big shoutout to Casey for hiring me and giving me some helpful advice.

As for tokusatsu conventions, I have been asked by fans and I can tell you that Japan World Heroes is a no-go for me this year. I know who they announced but it seems like a lot of work for little payoff. I’d rather just save my money for PMC next year. But you can find me at the other cons this year.


September 14-15, Wonderland of the Americas Mall in San Antonio, TX

This will be my third time going to Morphinominal Expo and again I’ll have a booth there. I’ll be doing some cosplay this time but you’ll have to be there to see which outfits I wear. My buddy MikeShel a.k.a Dr. Precisely will be there with me again. Hope to see you there. Admission is free.


November 8-10, Wyndam Hotel Resort in Orlando, FL

This will be my 7th RangerStop and of course I’ll be with my fellow Ranger Recap/Toku Riffs co-hosts. We love coming to this convention and meeting all our fans. We’ll be doing panels and    interviewing guests once again. So please come and say hi.


Well once again Shocker- I mean YouTube has found a way to demonetize my let’s play, which shouldn’t even be possible but they keep finding ways to make an honest living on their website. Currently I’ve put my Spider-Man Let’s Play on hold for right now. Maybe I’ll continue it on Vimeo if there’s a demand for it, but truth be told views for it were not as substantial as a Toku Time episode would be. I feel like this happens every time I try to branch out and do something non-toku related. Not pointing any fingers here but if you do like something I do please let me know. Tweet me, e-mail me, tell me you want to see more of this because if there’s no demand for something then what’s the point in continuing?


I’ve lost some patrons because I’ve barely been active on Patreon and for that I am sorry. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of new rewards for my patrons but I’ve only had a few so-so ideas. I can say I’m dropping the monthly draw, it’s a drain on the meager money I make at my retail job so it’s not feasible to continue doing that. I’ll come up with something so stay tuned. I’m gonna turn my patreon around.

Well that’s about it for now. Thanks for your continued patience and look forward to new content soon.


3 thoughts on “Toku Time Sit-Rep 6-29-19

  1. Dylan Ogg says:

    Get well soon EZ.

  2. The Network says:

    We at “The Network” Would like you to keep it up, No Matter What. You Rock, Mr. Peterson

  3. Vlad says:

    Wait Faiz Movie, didn’t you already review Paradise Lost? Does Faiz have another movie?

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