Toku Time SITREP 12-7-20

Hey Toku Faithful. I know it’s been awhile since I gave an update so here’s what is going on and I’m here to give some A’s to the Q’s I’m sure you have.


Aside from COVID, which I’ve done pretty good at avoiding, I’ve developed some recent health issues that I don’t feel comfortable going into detail about here. If you paid attention to my social media you may remember I was taken to the hospital recently. Now you know why. Let’s just say I’m paying the price for watching over 12 years of toku non-stop. It’s taken a toll on my brain and I can’t watch a series the way I used to. I can’t even watch it on my PC/Laptop without developing bad headaches, lightheadedness, and shaking. It’s something that may never go away and I’ll probably have to live with for the rest of my life. Normally I would set aside a whole day to watch 20+ episodes of a show to take notes and form a script, I can’t do that anymore. Not to mention editing is one giant headache in and of itself. I’m having to see some more doctors about this so I’ll try and keep you updated on the situation.


I don’t know. The next three reviews are still on the table, a Kamen Rider trilogy culminating in the 100th episode. After that I’ll be taking some time off to get my life and health in order and to see if the world can recover from this COVID fiasco. I’ll still do Toku Riffs Live and Ranger Recap. Those aren’t going anywhere. I’m also feeling a tad inadequate given the rise of V-Tubers, i.e they are the future and people like me who sit in front of cameras are going the way of the VHS but we won’t dwell on that. So for right now I’m unsure about the future of Toku Time.


I haven’t done anything for my patrons in months and for that I’m exceedingly sorry. Currently I’m looking for a way to disable my Patreon without deleting it entirely so I can stop taking money I didn’t really earn. I’ve only been using the money to pay for my Vimeo (to keep videos up) and my Dropbox (for certain fans to download episodes to keep). If you’re a current Patron feel free to cancel your payments as of now. If you still want to donate to me I have a PayPal button and my Amazon Wish List. You can find them on the right panel of this website. Christmas is coming so I’d greatly appreciate some gifts if you’ve enjoyed my work in the past.


It’s gone. I’m still not sure what happened. I think I got hacked or someone somehow changed the settings but I decided to pull the plug on it myself. In the end it was for the best. Running the server and having to babysit a few rowdy members (I won’t name names here) was stressing me out big time so again, the hacker did me a favor in the end. Will I make another one? Maybe but I’ll be a lot more selective on who gets in. Once bitten, twice shy as the saying goes. You can still join the RVT Discord of which I am part of and am usually on. I used to hold a weekly chat with fans but the aforementioned health problems have put a stop to that for the time being.



There’s still some filming I have to do for the storyline. I’m also doing some casting for some roles and I’m trying to get a cameo from a certain someone I know to be in the episode too but I don’t wanna give it away here. Speaking of roles, my good friend Mike (who plays Dr. Precisely) recently got married and I won’t even try to pull him away from his new wife. There’s several scenes I want to reshoot with him and given how cold it is right now that will have to wait. This time instead of filming as I go for storyline I want to film EVERYTHING in advance and edit it all together to release in a schedule. I’m still looking for cameos from you the fans. If you want to be in the 100th episode you can. Follow the link to learn how.

In the meantime I have acquired this sweet Kotaro Minami jacket which I plan to wear in a future review. Huge shout-out to ZeltraxMillenium for finding the website that made it for me.


And now to do a good deed for someone else. My good friend Dustin a.k.a Buck, whom you may know as TheNextDecade on Twitter, is in a very bad situation involving his house. He currently has a GoFundMe up and he’s about 2/3rds of the way to his goal. It would mean a great deal to the both of us if you the Toku Faithful could send some coin his way. I thank you and he thanks you. Tell him the Rider sent you.


Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Remember you can find out anything and everything I’m doing by following me on Twitter. That’s usually where I post the most. Except Fridays when I’m livetweeting The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Things tend to get freaky then. Until we meet again, keep watching tokusatsu (responsibly).


4 thoughts on “Toku Time SITREP 12-7-20

  1. lauren regnier says:

    I think you can still do it , just at a slower pace . Instead of 20 episodes , watch 5 a day and go from there . Do what you can . Does that sound good ? I hope you get well . Just pray .

  2. Ram Roldan says:

    Damn, with your current health condition, I worry about what the future of Toku Time.

    That aside, I’m looking forward to the 100th episode. Kudos and may the Power protect you.
    #StayStrongEZ #TheFansubWillNeverDie

  3. Dillon Scott says:

    Here’s hopin’ for all the best for ya EZ. Get our there and smash those problems with a Rider Kick!

  4. Strombluedesert says:

    You can do it. Believe in yourself.

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