11 thoughts on “Toku Time: Top 10 Badass Babes of Super Sentai

  1. Asiafan says:

    Huh! I was actually really surprised that you know about the Precure series. Very good Top 10 list. Any chance that you may review the Precure franchise?

    1. Kamen_Rider_Exile says:

      Maybe because Precure is owned by Toei XD

  2. Loch Mon says:

    Well, didn’t see this coming.

  3. sayla0079 says:

    I like your list the only gripe I had is you left off the girls from maskman and jun from Bioman (wasn’t sure if mika counted since her actress left so shortly into the series)

  4. Xavier Gray says:

    Lol!!!! I actually thought you were gonna say Sailor Moon for a second. But yeah, Precure does also count as well.

  5. Hey, EZ, can you do a top 10 badass babes of Power Rangers episode?

  6. where did you fiind timeranger fully subbed? cause if it’s your favourite you must have watched it full

    1. EZ Rider says:

      You can find the full series at KRDL.info under the RRR (Red Rogue Ranger) fansub tab
      but the video quality is not the best. Watch at your own risk.

  7. Dylan Ogg says:

    Plus she voiced Aki Izayoi.

  8. Eddy Madison says:

    In part 18:35, it’s actually an homage to a 1993 Toku show called Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian which star all three of The Punishment Sailor Sisters (that include Tsuruhime’s actress)

    1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:


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