4 thoughts on “Toku Time: Top 15 Power Ranger Screw-Ups

  1. Dylan Ogg says:

    Actually, the ratings for Turbo went up after the cast change, and if it weren’t for the improved writing in the second half, it’s most likely Turbo would have been the final season.

  2. 14:15 No, it was actually to compete with Big Bad Beetleborgs, because their main protagonists were kids.

    1. Dylan Ogg says:

      True, as a matter of fact, Zeo’s ratings were declining because of competition from Big Bad Beetleborgs.

  3. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

    To be fair, Mack’s character development after that revelation was pretty good. On another note, not just one Ranger, both Aurico and Leo would have bit the dust. Also, I think you’re better off on your own after the recent events going down at Channel Awesome.

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