1 thought on “Toku Time: When Worlds Collide – Magiranger vs Dekaranger

  1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

    This movie is worth it, if only for Wolzard Vs. DekaMaster. I just wish that Disney gave us a crossover between S.P.D and Mystic Force back in the day. Given that Power Rangers often saves a good portion of original footage for the team-ups, it would have been fun to see, but more importantly, we would have gotten to see Koragg Vs. Shadow Ranger. Just imagine, how frickin’ awesome that would have been. Plus S.P.D and Mystic Force both have fun casts. Phineas meeting Piggy or Boom would have been pretty fun. Plus a scene with Daggeron and Kruger, so we could have John Tui talking to himself.

    Also, of all the Battlizers to adapt, they had to go for S.P.D’s? Then again, Dino Thunder’s was dumb. Mystic Force had a pretty cool one, so that would have been fine.

    One more thing, I saw Murphy joining in the cheers and glass raising. Was he drinking? Can he drink?

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