5 thoughts on “Toku Time: Top 10 Power Rangers Supporting Characters

  1. Robert Atkins says:

    the scene of gosh from zyuranger was a scene that fenster said that the one facing the dark knight was a warrior of zordon’s and they showed what zordon’s body really would have looked like from the episode where Kimberly and billy where turned punk for one episode.

  2. Robert Atkins says:

    sorry my bad it was a warrior from tarmac 3 is what rita said not fenster and there was no mention of zordon at all. Just wanted to let you know. keep up the great work.

    1. EZ Rider says:

      You are correct. However, in Green With Evil Part II they use the exact same clip of Goshi fighting and mentioned the knight was using the Sword of Darkness to fight Zordon’s soldiers. That could imply it was Zordon fighting or a soldier working for Zordon. Either way, that’s where the joke was from. Just wanted to clear that up.

    2. Dylan Ogg says:

      Boy, you’re spelling is horrible.

  3. Dylan Ogg says:

    Fun Fact: Both Boom and Phineas are played by Kelson Henderson.

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