Update to the site

Hey all,

Normally I don’t show up on the front of the site, but as this is quite an important change, I felt it needed a post.

I’ve made a few changes to the behind the scenes stuff running the Toku Time site, the changes have been tested, but I’d just like to ask that if anyone has any issues with the site, or things dont work properly, please do let me know! (Comment below, tweet me @mattdowding or send me a message via the contact form)



3 thoughts on “Update to the site

  1. yavik says:

    Where’s the review for Kamen Rider OOO ? I’ve been waiting for that ! I want it TOMORROW !

  2. gameboyjake says:

    do a review on Kamen Rider Amazon that would be awesome for Toku Time thx EZ besides im also a big fan of the tokusatsu as well

  3. AMBshinobi says:

    the videos suddenly stopped working

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