13 thoughts on “What the FAIZ of the Week 35: We’ll thrill you!

  1. Kachiman says:

    I think they were trying to Parody Precure

  2. Donovan Graf says:

    *silently laughing* EZ, from a Precure fan…this was painful to watch! And now! You SHALL SUFFER!!! *does evil laugh* Seriously, I mean Ninninger using a Precure finisher? *glares at said sentai* You sullied my Precure for the last time! *holds Drillsniper custom with the name “Simon” on the barrel* I’m going hunting…don’t wait up! *goes off to hunt down the animators who done Suite Precure*

  3. Dragonzeron says:

    the movie supports incest they mentioned it several time indirectly

  4. kevin tran says:

    i called it bitches

  5. kevin tran says:

    they actually did that attack twice in the movie

  6. tialen says:

    Space sentai kyuranger ending dance that is crazy and it will make you say what the faiz did I just watched

  7. Toku Nation says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I like Ninninger A LOT

  8. Toku Nation says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I like Ninninger

    1. Ram Roldan says:

      Me too, especially those standby sounds and the mecha designs.

  9. Joshua St.John says:

    I got a recommendation. How about an oldie, from Choujinki Metalder (sorry, I don´t know the episode). – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcVj_yFgokI

  10. Joshua St.John says:

    I did some research and the episode this clip is from is from episode 4.

  11. Raul says:

    The clothing nin shuriken actually first appeared in the special Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: AkaNinger vs. StarNinger Hundred Nin Battle! This in itself is Faiz worthy as Kinji dresses as a cowboy and Takaharu dresses up as a ninja, on top of their sentai uniforms. letting you know

  12. hi ez rider the clip I want you to watch is from the ninninger vs toqger movie wher the ninnger team miuns aka ninger do the bazooka on dark akaninger it really funny and as a bounus do a episode where you watch all of nossans puns from series movie live shows and specals

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