Rage Rider

vlcsnap-2011-05-30-23h38m49s136Rage Rider (or Rager for short) is the host of Rager Reviews and Rager’s PPV Lockdown. Rager is an Imagin. A demon from future times sent to the past. His real name is Akataros and he once worked with a group of evil beings called The Heartless, who now are known as the Alliance. Rager betrayed his comrades and has formed a contract with EZ Rider as his guardian and close friend, dying twice trying to save him. He also trained the young Namitaros (Suave Rider) to join his former crew before he too joined EZ. Rager has several secrets and keeps things hidden from EZ when he can and fears for his safety. It’s also possible he
knows EZ’s dead brother, Paul, and seems to be making amends for his evil ways by protecting him.

Rager is skilled with the sword and loves to fight. He is a being of pure anger and has since been chosen to be a Red Lantern. Recently though he was resurrected briefly as a Black Lantern but once EZ destroyed the ring Rager was freed and brought back to life. Rager still possesses his Red Lantern ring but has no way to charge it as he constantly leaves his battery behind on other planets.