Suave Rider

vlcsnap-2014-07-13-13h40m10s213Suave Rider (or Suave for short) is the host of Blue Haikus. His was once known as Namitaros and is the former underling of Akataros (Rage Rider), who fled the gang a long time ago. Suave constantly refers to him as “Sempai” because of their past. Deciding to break away from evil as well he soon finds his way to EZ and saves his life from an attack by Wolzard. After granting his wish for a Gokai Spear, Suave is allowed to stay with EZ despite Rager’s complaints. Suave is a notorious skirt chaser and spends most of his time with several ladies at once and going on dates. Suave loves to read and write poetry as he sits in his corner with his sad demeanor. He is well trained with a staff but is not as eager to fight as the others. He will though when the need arises. Suave was controlled by Dark Rider briefly after his contract card was stolen but once EZ returned it to him he was freed.