Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: I JUST started typing-oh, you mean reviewing. Going on 5 years now.

Q: Why do you review tokusatsu?
A: For several reasons. The first one being I never saw anyone else talking about it (of course that has changed since I started) and wanted to bring this underrated genre to more people’s attention and show them that Power Rangers is just one facet of toku. There’s a plethora of more to enjoy from Japan. The second reason is I’m passionate about toku and I want to talk more about it so here I am. And the third (and most important) reason is that people like to watch my show. So I’ll probably keep making videos as long as Toku Faithful want to watch them.

Q: Do you take review requests?
A: Indeed I do. Just shoot me a line at [email protected] and plead your case.

Q: Why haven’t you done my request yet? Hurry up!
A: Because I plan out some of these reviews weeks/months in advance. Also, do NOT keep pestering and/or trolling me to do a show I hate. That never works. I’ll get to it when I get to it. If you don’t want to wait you can donate to my Patreon and request a review of a movie/series and I will put it at a higher priority.

Q: How can I help out the show?
A: Spreading the word is help enough but if you have a talent that can be useful feel free to contact me and explain what you think you can do to help. If you want to contribute to me money-wise, my PayPal is on the front page or become my Patron on Patreon, again on the front page.

Q: I drew a picture of you. Where can I send it?
A: Several places. My Twitter, my Facebook page or just e-mail it to me. I’ll be sure to show it off and give you full credit. I may be adding a fan-art page to the site in the future so please, draw away.

Q: Who draws those awesome title cards of yours?
A: That would be AJustice90. You can find all his awesome drawings and commission him for a drawing at his page. hyperforcego.devientart.com

Q: There’s a toku toy I want you to have and/or use on the show. How can I send it?
A: Send me an e-mail of what it is. Preferably with a picture with your name by it and we’ll go from there. It’s not that I don’t trust you but……..well I don’t trust you. I get a lot of toy donations from fans and I may already have it . I have enemies and I don’t need someone sending me another ticking box. Also I have links to my Amazon wish list on the front page where you can buy me something if you’re feeling generous and if you have the coin.

Q: Can I be on your website too?
A: In the future we may be opening the doors to folks who love toku just as much as I do. Time will tell.

Q: I’m a reviewer too. Will you do a crossover with me?
A: Why the hell would you want to a review with me? I suck! Ask someone more talented.

Q: But you did a crossover with that guy! Why not me?
A: A certain level of trust and friendship must be attained before we do anything together. I’m not going to work with a total stranger. At least buy me a drink first *laughs*.

Q: Will you appear at our convention?
A: If you want me to appear as a guest (for a nominal fee) then contact me directly and we’ll set up something.

Q: Will you come to a convention I’m going to if I ask you nicely?
A: Doubtful. I can only go to so many conventions a year without going broke. I go where the toku takes me so most likely I’ll show up at Power Rangers-centered cons. Morphicon, RangerStop, etc. So unless someone is paying my way to be there don’t count on it.

Q: Why do you do this show all by yourself? Why don’t you have more people in your show?
A: I live on a farm miles away from civilization. It’s just me and my dad down here except when family comes to visit once in awhile. Sorry but I don’t live in the big city like those other popular critics. Wish I did but I don’t. So I have to do everything by myself until the day I can move.

Q: Will you review some anime?
A: I get this one a lot. Unless it is directly related to a tokusatsu series (See my Imagin Anime reviews) or based off a toku series (for example: Kikaider: The Anime) do NOT ask me to review it. I don’t care if it has toku tropes (Precure series) or based on an Ishinomorri manga (Cyborg 009). There are several more talented people on the web that review anime but not me. So ask them instead.
In short: I DON’T DO ANIME!

Q: Do you even like anime?
A: Yes I do. Go watch my Toonami tribute video if you don’t believe me. But that doesn’t mean I have to review it. See last question.

Q: What is your favorite tokusatsu series of all time?
A: I cannot narrow it down to just one series. I would have to break it down into the different genres of tokusatsu. (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, etc) and even then it’s tough. I like having a lot of favorites. One is the loneliest number. But I can give you some of them right here.
Sentai: Timeranger, Liveman, Jetman, Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Zyuranger, Go-Busters.
Rider: Black, Agito, Blade, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, W, OOO,
Ultra: Ultraman (the original), Tiga, Nexus, Mebius, Ultraseven X, Ginga

Q: Why no Metal Heroes?
A: I’ve actually never really seen a fully subbed Metal Hero series before. If you can find one please let me know about it.

Q: What is your favorite theme song from Sentai/Rider/Ultra/Metal?
A: Too many to narrow down to just one. I have a playlist full of toku songs I love to listen to.

Q: Who is your favorite Red Ranger/Senshi?
A: Again, too many to narrow down to just one.

Q: Who is your favorite Kamen Rider?
A: See Previous Answer.

Q: Who is your favorite Metal Hero?
A: I don’t think you’re getting the message here.

Q: Favorite Ultra- ah forget it.
A: Thank you!

Q: What is a “fansub” and why will it never die?
A: A fansub is short for “Subtitles made by fans”. When a show is not getting a release in another country, groups of fans take it upon themselves to subtitle these great shows into another language so they can be enjoyed by all. Sometimes these shows can get a legal release here in the states (where I am) such as Kamen Rider The First. Or most recently, Zyuranger. When that happens the fansubs are taken down and you are strongly urged to support the official release. The reason I say “the fansub will never die” (which I stole from Joe Bob Briggs, I admit it), is because without these fansubs I feel toku would not be more known by you, the fans. And I could not do my reviews for obvious reasons. Granted it’s nowhere near as popular as anime or comics but I’d like to think it has its dedicated core audience. We’re getting some legal toku releases here in the form of DVDs and streaming on Crunchyroll. So in short, maybe one day toku will be more widely accepted but don’t forget where it all began for a lot of us. The fansubs. And that is why they will never die.

Q: What subs do you like to use to watch tokusatsu?
A: Well there are several great fansub sites out there, a lot of which I provide links to on the front page. If you want to watch the most recent toku I recommend #TV-Nihon or Over-Time. A lot of fans bicker about which is better but I won’t get into that here. It’s like Coke or Pepsi, pick your poison. If you want to watch classic Super Sentai then sites like Grown Ups in Spandex and Millionfold Curiosity are for you. A group called KITSubs are doing the classic Kamen Rider series. You can find who subs what thanks to Orends Range. Super Sentai, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Metal Hero.

Q: How much toku do you watch in a week?
A: Depends. I try to catch the newer shows when I can but there’s a lot of classic subbed shows I try to watch which are getting subbed as I type this so it varies. Also it depends on if I’m watching a show to review it, which I have to watch a couple of times to take notes on, make into a script, and look for key scenes to put into the review.

Q: I’m trying to get my friends into tokusatsu. What show should I start them out with?
A: Another one I get a lot. Again, I cannot narrow it down for you. The best advice I can give you is to show them a series YOU really like and go from there. There’s no one magical show that will instantly make someone a fan. You have to fall in love with a genre just like we did. To quote Morpheus: “I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Q: Are you a “Sentai Purist”?
A: I used to be. Most fans do this when they find out about Super Sentai. They find Power Rangers to be inferior/stupid. Some fans are like that and that’s totally their opinion which they are entitled to. I’m glad I gave Power Rangers a second chance personally. There are some seasons I for one think that can be better than their sentai counterparts if you give them a chance.

Q: Do you still watch the newest Power Rangers?
A: Sure do. Even do a podcast about it which you can find on the site.

Q: You hate a show I like. You suck! What the hell?
A: 1) This is just my opinion and I have a right to it. I have reasons for not liking it. It’s not a personal shot at you so just calm the hell down.
2) A lot of the times the jokes and/or complaints I make on show are satirical. Don’t take them too seriously. It’s like taking a Saturday Night Live sketch seriously, which is just crazy.
3) Keep in mind, you’re bitching about a show starring brightly colored heroes in spandex and/or bulky plastic armor that are in the end one giant toy commercial. It’s a KIDS show. Grow up.

Q: Why do you review the ENTIRE show? You just ruined the ending for me! Jerk!
A: First off, that is just rude. Secondly, I like to be thorough. Nothing half-assed. If I’m going to review a show I go from beginning to end to make sure I cover everything and leave nothing to chance. Fans have the power to skip ahead in the video to the final grade and my final thoughts on it if they don’t want the ending ruined. If you haven’t seen the show I’m reviewing go watch it THEN come back and watch the review. It’s not going anywhere. I’ve recently put a spoiler message before every video review so you have no one to blame but yourself there. You were warned.

Q: Could you help me find this toku series about this guy in a mask and a spaceship and some girl in a skirt?
A: People we have GOT to have more to work with than that. This is why I’m The Toku GUY. I never claim to be a toku EXPERT. I’m just a fan, like you or anyone else. I may watch a lot of it but that hardly means I know everything. Don’t come to me expecting to have all the answers next time you write in. Now if you ask “What was the one movie that starred the red ranger from Zyuranger as a giant hero?” THAT is something I can work with!

Q: Why do my friends/family only see Power Rangers when they see toku?
A: People only see what they want to see sometimes. My advice is to educate them and show them there’s a difference. Or you could just turn on Garo and scare the crap out of them. I wouldn’t recommend the latter though.

Q: Why do you say “FAIZ” and not “F—“?
A: Why not? Maybe I’m trying to curse less in life. That and cursing up a storm is Rager’s thing. I’d like to think I’m less vulgar.

Q: Why don’t you like Decade/Fourze/etc etc?
A: Because you won’t eat your vegetables!

Q: Will your reviews hurt to watch?
A: Only if God hates you.

Q: Have you ever killed anyone?
A: No! Murder is wrong!! What the hell is the matter with you?

Q: You’re a racist redneck and I hate your guts! Kill yourself!
A: That’s not a question, and I’m….gonna stop talking to you now. *backs away slowly*