Dark Rider

1393580_10100279000703682_919430120_nDark Rider is an evil clone of EZ Rider created by the Vanity Alliance to destroy him, take over his show, and convert his Toku Faithful to their side.The Alliance managed to steal his DNA after turning the real EZ evil briefly and synthesized a duplicate. Wolzard was brought in to be his handler and make sure he did his job but Dark Rider quickly turned on the Alliance and killed Wolzard. He then ripped out the control chip in his arm and staked out on his own to play mind games with EZ and his Imagin friends. He tricked Rager and Suave into thinking he was EZ and eventually gained control of the two, turning them against their contract holder. Luckily EZ was able to incapacitate them and use his EZ Buster form to defeat Dark Rider. EZ refused to take his life and Dark Rider told him that he had won before seemingly dying. Soon after the fight, a bounty on EZ Rider was issued and he was framed for a murder that Dark Rider had committed, the news mistaking them as the same person. In the end, Dark Rider got the last laugh. It is implied that he survived and is still out there somewhere, watching and waiting to terrorize once again. He returned for a non-canonical April Fools special but was soon destroyed by EZ’s Special Buster cannon.

Dark Rider shows signs of being mentally deranged and loves to cackle in delight when he causes pain and suffering. He wields a Diendriver and cards with several uses including a barrier, super speed, and summoning Wraiths to attack. He is often seen talking to his gun and he implies that it talks back to him. Dark Rider also has a superiority complex. He has convinced himself that he is perfect and that EZ Rider is the flawed one of the two, constantly referring to our hero as “The Imperfection”. He has shown that he can also be very cunning when he turns EZ’s best friends and the entire community against him. He also has a problem with authority as he betrays the alliance not once but twice, killing Wolzard and The Suit after being ordered around by Mr. Chairman.