Dr. Precisely

Dr. Al B. Precisely (or Doc for short) is a whimsical mysterious                                            
doctor who shows up at EZ Rider’s door one day claiming to be
the one to give him the Transpod, and other various weapons to
aid his battle against the Alliance                                                                    .

Dr. Precisely also was a friend to EZ’s older brother Paul, saying that they. along with Precisely’s mentor, Dr. Exactly, that they discovered a way to cross a line, reaching into another reality that gives them amazing weapons and technology unseen before in our world. But what else could have come from this world?

Dr. Precisely shows up to upgrade EZ’s morpher and give him a Faiz Axel
which allows him to defeat the Albino Kitazaki with a Faiz Edge. Dr. Precisely
then takes the parts of EZ’s broken AI HAL, saying he can do something
with it.