7 thoughts on “Tokuween: Monster Movie Fest – The Guyver

  1. Donovan Graf says:

    Of all the movies, it had to be the “first” Guyver film that almost broke the Nostalgia Critic

    1. Dragonranger1290 says:

      and when was that?

      1. Greg Cassella says:

        When he and Bennett the Sage did a crossover review of it on the latter’s show Anime Abandon 2 years ago.

  2. Referring to the ending: …well. Didn’t see that coming. Though it was possible.

  3. VoiceAgainstPropaganda says:

    I hope you get to do Guyver: Dark Hero next year. I LOVED that movie. I still enjoy the final fight.

  4. Adiel Cruz says:

    hello EZ rider

  5. Adiel Cruz says:

    hello EZ rider!

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