1 thought on “Toku Time: Joe Bob Briggs Tribute

  1. thejamman1988 says:

    Great and awesome tribute you’ve made, EZ! Now, truth be told, I have a confession to make. I always loved Joe Bob Briggs, the drive-in theaters, and TNT’s MonsterVision (no homo). As a matter of fact, TNT’s MonsterVision was the first time I saw Joe Bob Briggs. Man, it brings me back to my childhood. And I also loved TNT back in the mid-1990s to early 2001, when they show great stuff, Rocky (1976), Rocky II, John Carpenter’s Christine (1983), WCW Monday Nitro, and TNT’s MonsterVision hosted by Joe Bob Briggs, before TNT became the We Know Drama era as of today.

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