11 thoughts on “Tokuween 2016 – Beetleborgs Metallix Review

  1. seriousley it’s practcably imposible not to notice when the new footage ends and the b-fighter kabuto one starts

    1. LittleBro14 says:

      That’s what early Ameri-toku was like

  2. LittleBro14 says:

    Why did you upload your Halloween special 1 day after Halloween

    1. Tao Kayer says:

      He tried to get it out before Halloween, but because of stuff going on behind the scenes it wasn’t possible.

  3. Robert A. says:

    where’s part 2

  4. Ronin says:

    Uhh where’s part 2 at?

  5. Ronin says:

    Uh where is part 2 at?

  6. Donovan Graf says:

    *sees show title and facepalms at memories of watching said show* Why?! This show is really dated and it still has left bad taste in my mouth plus, I want to say that this little troll is annoying

  7. Eddy Madison says:

    Hey EZ, you should do a redux of all the previous toku review from the past years, I feel like they need to be justified like KR Blade or Dekaranger etc

  8. awsomeisimo says:

    these non power ranger saban series really look like a low budget porno

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