5 thoughts on “What The FAIZ of the Week 33: Here comes the salt!

  1. hopefully you fully come out of retirement

  2. tialen says:

    Happy new years ez rider

  3. LittleBro14 says:

    Do the clip from Zyuohger when Misao curls up into a ball and sits in the corner when he first becomes Zyuoh the World

  4. Azurath - Alex Ehlers says:

    At least they gave us something enjoyably stupid before proceeding to tear out our hearts and stab them.

  5. Donovan Graf says:

    *sees said clip from EX-Aid* HA! I faizing called it! *hits own Popo button* I am just that damn good! And YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT! BATTA BOOM! REALIST SENTAI IN THE ROOM! HOW YA DOIN?!

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