10 thoughts on “Unofficial Tokusatsu Span of Minutes: Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 Review

  1. William Almanzar says:

    Can you do a review of kamen rider ex aid ez rider

  2. Eddy Madison says:

    You think Ninninger is the worst, you should watch Turboranger

    1. Dylan Scott Ogg says:

      Or Kyuranger.

  3. NEO says:

    Well Dino Thunder made fun of Abaranger, I guess this counts XD.

  4. Still in great pain, please help me. XD

  5. 36:51 Wait, weren’t Peebo and Mag dudes?

  6. Lauren says:

    Where’s part 2 ?

  7. Jim says:

    So who are the Seven Toku Deities?

  8. Zayn_mitchell says:

    Am I only that unironically finds Malshina hot

  9. Zayn_mitchell says:

    Am I only that unironically in love with Malshina seriously she is my sentai villian waifu

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