7 thoughts on “Toku Time: Rise of the Dark Rider – Episode Blue

  1. Don’t either EZ or Dark Rider notice that parts of the film were skipped while they took a break from reviewing?

  2. Dark Rider’s Diendriver uses Imagin Contract cards? I don’t know what’s weirder – The Diendriver or Dark Rider

  3. Awsomeisimo says:

    finally found it

  4. Decade Sucks says:

    the video just says “get flash player”

    1. EZ Rider says:

      For some reason the embeds from ZippCast aren’t working but they work at the ZC site.

      I’ll try get this matter fixed ASAP.

      1. Decade Sucks says:

        Thanks again, Hope to see you at Power Morphicon.

  5. Decade Sucks says:

    thanks EZ, keep up the amazing work. By the way, i’m a huge fan.

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