9 thoughts on “Tokuween 2014: Garo Review

  1. 7:30 Alright, that jacket convinced me. Kouga is Seto Kaiba.
    12:14 Oh my god, it IS Seto Kaiba! How did he become a Makai Knight?
    21:38 So, now Seto Kaiba has a Red-Eyes Gold Horse? Is Rei supposed to be Bakura or Marik? Am I trying way too hard to tie this in with Yu-Gi-Oh?
    25:11 Silva, the portable cockblocker!
    28:03 Why is Kaoru falling onto the guy that she just realized was using her as bait?
    28:47 And now Kouga has taken away the only way of knowing where Kaoru is, meaning she’ll be susceptible to any attacks Horrors make on her. Wow, Kouga really is Seto Kaiba. Both in looks and a-hole-ish behavior.

    I love riffing. If only other people would do it with me.

  2. 0:34 “Screw the rules, I’m a Makai Knight!”
    1:25 Wait…THAT’S the guy from “Sh15ya”?! Oh my god, I couldn’t tell it was him because I haven’t heard him speak yet. That accent is so reveal- wait, we are talking about the guy with the obvious accent, right?
    3:27 Boo!
    5:51 Oh god I just realized: it’s He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!
    6:18 I..what? That joke came out of nowhere. I mean, sure, it must be magic, but most things in Toku shows involve something mystical. Disguising your true form is more mystic than magic.
    7:08 Did he pull it down through his crotch?
    8:38 “I mean, your armor’s gold, so the whole Batman thing wouldn’t work out.”
    9:28 Well, that’s an odd choice for a tors- oh, who am I kidding, I forgot what show I was watching.
    12:34 Huh. She was easy to beat. Even though Zero barely survived against her. I expected her to put up more of an epic fight.
    13:23 Hey, Seto & BakuRik! Have you tried transforming? It’s this really cool thing where you get armor and weapons!
    21:21 Try Google.

    Is that ending the start of a new storyline, or just a scary ending for this episode?

  3. deluknight says:

    out of the garo seasons i kinda liked Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono, reason cause gokai silver is in it. but season 1 and 2 and 4 are really good too, only complaint is maybe 1-2 of the short movie/specials are kinda boring.

  4. Greg says:

    No mention of Kamen Riders ZO, J or Mechanical Violator Hakaider??

  5. Final Form says:

    Awesome review do you think he’ll review the anime garo.

  6. Makai Rider says:

    For the record, Mark Musashi’s death here took Lost Soul Beast Garo in order to even happen. That’s pretty damn awesome. I hope that EZ will review another spinoff of Garo for another Tokuween sometime

  7. what’s the correct order for Garo?

  8. 00:23 Where did you get that?

    1. Sorry, I meant that theme?

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