3 thoughts on “Tokuween: Monster Movie Fest – Godzilla 2000 Review

  1. 6:00 – Couldn’t resist picking on Go, huh?

    8:30 – Comparing it to this one, I like that version better

    13:23 – I couldn’t agree more

    13:29 – When did this become Hunt for the Red October?

    16:12 – And I think they also sued Pacific Rim for that one

    17:31 – Still looks like tentacle hentai

    18:55 – No, no, no! The other guy! You know, the one that’s a horse and has a phone and a belt that we knew nothing about before that scene!

    19:50 – Did the screenwriter like vorephilia or something?

    And on that topic, I’m looking forwards to that 555 movie next year

  2. Donovan Graf says:

    Ah, Godzilla 2000…the best Big G film in the Millennium series of the Godzilla franchise and I have said movie on DVD

  3. Since you’ve already reviewed Chou Den-O & Decade and Let’s Go Kamen Rider, I hope you eventually review Climax Deka, to round out the trilogy of Den-O team ups. Doesn’t have to be Tokuween related just a suggestion.

    Regardless, great review! I hope we get some more of these for the rest of the month.

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